I entered a Kodansha drawing contest.

In November 2020 I found out about a drawing contest that Kodansha made about drawing a storyboard that they offered, interpreted by the contestant artist. And I decided to enter the contest because it was so much fun, and it was only about 6 pages.

The storyboard in the contest is as follows: Storyboard by Kodansha

As you can see, it's the typical "ecchi" manga with touches of comedy, which was a novelty for me in drawing something of that kind. But well, there's always a first time for everything and I felt like giving it a try.

For those who don't know Japanese and want to know about the plot, it's very simple.

The protagonist has the super power that when he doesn't wear glasses, he sees naked people. Like any super power, it has its advantages and disadvantages that are narrated. But in the end he discovers that there is a girl he can't see naked, and that's where he discovers his love.

And this was the result of my pages, or my interpretation of the proposed storyboard.

In case you're wondering, I didn't win the contest, I wasn't a finalist and I wasn't mentioned anywhere. I guess to win, you had to contribute something more on the creative side, so I'll have to try harder to get it in the next one! 😄

5 Responses to "I participated in a Kodansha drawing contest".

  1. wow, now I'm dying of curiosity to see how the rest of the participants would be, because objectively this seems brutal, I would like to see what was the level of the winner, because I can't imagine anything much better!

    even without winning, congratulations on an incredible job.

  2. Eduard, a question, what kind of visa did you use to enter Japan, because I understand that you enter the country already having a job there, but in the case of wanting to go to draw manga, how is the entry considered, thank you.

    1. First I got a student visa for two years.
      Then I married my Japanese girlfriend.
      There is no visa for draftsmen, unless you can get hired from outside Japan or inside on another short-stay visa (tourist, student, etc).

  3. I think if you had added that touch of intentionally provoked censorship. In which the girl is just in a pose which intentionally just covers her breasts, leaving it up to the reader's imagination. It plays a lot more than showing them in front of cannon fodder. I think... Playing with that kind of thing, it's interesting.
    Since it's left, as I said, to the imagination.

    1. I don't think you can see a nipple on any page, it's all "censored", isn't it? o_O I don't think this has influenced anything.
      Thanks for your comment!

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