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I have realized after more than 2 years living my adventure in Japan, that I have collected a lot of anecdotes, many related to the mangaka world, and that they have remained in the inkwell, because in Twitter and Instagram don't fit very well... haha.

So, well, I want to try this blog to see what I can tell, and in the meantime be able to comment on my progress in my struggle to get serialization in Japan in one of the most important magazines. For now I'm getting good feedback from Japanese editors, but it never seems to be enough... A matter of time!

I will also use the web to promote my art, with some pieces that I had not made public until now in the gallery section, and also to accept orders. So far I have been quite reserved in accepting orders as it is not that I had much time for it. But now that I have graduated from Japanese school, I have some more time while I continue preparing new storyboards to get this serialization in Japan. Getting published in Japan is a slow process, so be patient about it.

What is a fact, is that I found my site in Japan and for now I have planned to stay here for the next few years, or even forever (although you never know). But if I manage to publish in Japan, and my work is exported to Spain or another country, I would like to come back in some event to sign. The truth is that I miss that contact with the reader, and if I have the opportunity again, I won't hesitate to travel. But first it's time to publish!

Anyway, I don't want to lengthen this first inning very much either. But I want to take this opportunity to share this illustration of the manga with which I worked for quite some time when I had many ballots to end up being serialized, but which was finally rejected by the editor-in-chief. Although I'm now working on a much improved reboot of it, the characters have changed, even the main character. So this illustration's use is only to share it with people who like my art.

Thank you for visiting me!

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    1. Well, I think it's super good and super interesting. It is not every day that we can know the exploits of a foreign artist in Japan..... And if it also gives you a little more diffusion and better visibility 😊

  1. Hello Eduard!
    I am delighted that you have opened this page to tell your anecdotes!
    One thing, I follow you on twitter and you said you're working as an assistant. My doubt is, do you get the visa for working as an assistant? I mean, I understand that they are strict enough to grant the visa and even more so with artistic works.
    Thank you very much and excuse me for being so direct with the question, but this type of information is always good to know.

    1. Hello Jok! They don't give you a visa because you are an assistant, since it is an irregular job and the publishing house isn't behind it either. I'll talk about this topic in depth in an entry, so don't rush!
      Thank you for commenting! 🙂

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