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It's been a few months since I updated the blog due was a bit busy, so since I have some free time today, I'm going to write something.

The fact is that the HumanExe oneshot I published in the Gangan Joker in January of this year, as far as the story was concerned, did not have the expected results in the polls to be enough to be serialized. As for the drawing, it did come out above average, but that's irrelevant if the story didn't meet the editors' expectations. After all, it's the story that carries the main weight.

So, well, I just have to keep pushing new projects until get the hang of it. The thing is that after that, I kept trying with Blanca, but new stories were all rejected again by the editor, so in March we decided to take a break. To see if with some more calm we can find/make a story worthy of serialization.

Since the script is not up to me, I decided to find some work in the meantime, so as not to be bored at home without doing anything in terms of drawing. And while I was doing some illustration works for Japanese companies, It happened to I saw the recruitment announcement to be a regular assistant for the new Gantz manga, Gantz:E

I sent the e-mail without much hope as it was a manga from such a popular franchise, but to my surprise I was given the opportunity to do "a level test". This test consisted of 3 parts.

  • Ink the character (minus the face)
  • Ink the black hair of the protagonist
  • Scratch tests (I didn't understand the purpose of that, but ok xD)
Test completed by me.

The fact is that the next day I get an answer from his editor (since the recruitment contact was through his editor), and he tells me that the sensei said that I passed the test, that it starts in May and that Jin Kagetsu sensei would contact me during the month of April.

I couldn't believe it! I'd been taken on to be Gantz's assistant! :O Of course it's a manga with a very different style than mine, and therefore I thought I could learn a lot from the experience, especially in the way of making the backgrounds and those finish effects that it has so realistic.

So, the month of March and April I employed with continuing with those little illustration works I caught in March (if I work in Japan is not missing xD), until I was contacted by Jin Kagetsu sensei to start working.

He made me promise to be an assistant for him for a year, since the job was a regular assistant (5 days a week between 8 and 9 hours and with a fixed salary at the end of the month), and since I could not let the opportunity pass me by, I accepted. So I'm going to spend a year in Gantz helping in different stages of the manga creation process. For now I'm only 1 week, but basically my work is composed between:

  • Ink the clothes of some characters. (For now only the clothes of the enemy samurai crows that appeared in the first mission)
  • Putting in tones of all the characters. (The process is different from the one I used, so I'm learning a lot from this point).
  • Make the effects of blurring on the movements of the characters in action.
  • Make the backgrounds. When I say "make backgrounds", I mean edit the photos he give me so that they look like the backgrounds you can see in Gantz (although there is a small part of drawing). Obviously those backgrounds are not drawings, but retouched photos. But it still has a somewhat complex retouching process, and it takes time to adapt to achieve the same results as the sensei.

I started in chapter 7 (which obviously hasn't published yet), but I encourage you to read the manga from chapter 1 because the story is really interesting. The story is by the original author Hiroya Oku, only this time the drawing has been delegated to another mangaka, Jin Kagetsu. But because he imitates him so well, it's not like there's much difference.

My main goal of being serialized in Japan still stands, in fact, I will keep trying at all times outside my assistant's working hours. As we all know that serializing is a very slow process, it will go well as I gain experience working with Gantz to make the most of the time.

The good thing is that if we finish the chapter before the scheduled date (as it happened in chapter 7), it gives me an extra vacation from what was agreed upon, so I think it's perfectly compatible with new projects that can come out.

I suppose that anecdotes will come out during the course of the experience from now on, so for today I'll leave it here and later on I'll comment on how it's going if I see that there is content to explain. 😃

EDIT: The sensei specifically asked me not to talk about Gantz anymore, so I'm sorry I can't tell you more about it. Please don't ask me internal questions about the process or anything related to mangaka. And if possible, the utmost discretion on this subject. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. Great friend, gantz is a very innovative manga visually, you could explain the processes with more details in a next post. Good luck.

    1. The sensei asked me personally not to talk much/nothing about it, so for now I can't talk more about Gantz 🙁

  2. One of the series that I loved and spent my time shopping in physics. Courage, patience, 😅 and give it your all. This show has a lot of fans behind it.
    I know you can and I hope the mangaka isn't bipolar.

    1. For now the mangaka treats me very well, I'm happy to work with him, so great in that respect 🙂
      And of course we do our best!

  3. Will you upload the published one shot? At some point? Since I can't get to serialization. ( unfortunately ).

  4. Hello, Eduard. One question. How did you learn to draw "well"? I would like to know how you started drawing and if you did something special to learn (as long as it is not too personal). I try too, although I think it stays in the hahahahahha attempt.

    1. Drawing "well" is very relative. I would say that it was based on practice and looking at the mistakes you make yourself so that they don't happen again. It's many hours of flight locked up on my desk drawing, I think the key is constancy and self-criticism.

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