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Born in Lleida, Spain. From a very young age he was very clear that he wanted to dedicate himself to drawing manga. He started very young at just 14 years old, taking the 4-year manga course at Escola Joso with excellent results, in which Santi Casas stands out as his greatest mentor at the school. Upon completion, he continued his artistic studies at the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona.

During his studies in Fine Arts, in 2012 he debuted as co-author at Letrablanca Editorial with "Let's Cook!", and in the following year with "Olympics". In 2015 he won the international manga contest of Norma Editorial with the work "Ad Mortem" which was published in 2016 and in which he gave a noticeable boost to his professional career as a manga artist.

In 2017 he goes to Japan to firstly study the Japanese language, and secondly to find luck in the Japanese manga market. Once mastered the language, he began his journey in Japan as an assistant manga artist to hone his skills and gain a foothold among the demanding Japanese publishers. During his assistant career, great titles such as “Gantz: E” stand out, where he worked as an assistant for more than a whole year full-time and in which he continued to improve his skills as a mangaka thanks to his sensei Jin Kagetsu.

In between, he managed to publish the oneshot of the "Human Exe" project in Square Enix's Gangan Joker magazine (which would later reach Spain thanks to Planeta Manga).
It wasn't enough to get the desired Japanese serialization, so he kept trying his luck by drawing another oneshot in 2021, but this time in the web section of Shueisha's Young Jump magazine with the project “Kinyoku Territory”.

In 2023 the serialization finally arrived, which he is currently working on.

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